Paying Too Much Tax?

Most people think they pay too much tax. On the back of this, a plethora of “tax-avoidance” products have been marketed over the past decade or so, promising legal and effective ways to reduce individuals’ and companies’ tax liabilities. Most are still being contested by HMRC and increasingly draconian legislation has been passed by Parliament to dissuade taxpayers from “taking a punt” on these scheme in the future. We have never been enthusiastic about these schemes, not least because the promoters have often been very poor in ensuring their clients implemented the schemes properly. Also the risk of the schemes failing typically never rests with the promoters, or the QCs who provide supporting opinions, who take their sizeable fees irrespective of the ultimate outcomes. Rather, we concentrate on making sure that our clients are structured and financed in ways that minimise tax bills and that all legitimate and appropriate claims for tax relief are made. Here are just a few of the areas where we can help: