Wealth Management Services


There are massive advantages from having both Accountancy Services and Wealth Management Services provided under the umbrella of one organisation. These include:

  • Having advisers who see the full picture. Effective tax planning advice and investment advice cannot be done in isolation. Advisers who share information and work very closely with each other can ensure that the advice dovetails and is focussed to your needs.
  • Elimination of duplication. Fact-finds are necessary,  but they can be made much less onerous for clients by having advisers who can gather much of the background information from existing files. Your accountant will (or should) have a wealth of information on your business,  your income sources and your plans for the future which, when shared with your investment adviser, cuts down massively on the need for the client to gather and present this information. It’s also more likely to be complete and accurate.
  • Efficient service going forward. Proper investment advice is not a one-time service. Annual reviews are critical to allow for changes in circumstance and goals. Having an investment adviser who is in constant contact with your accountant will ensure that the adviser is properly briefed ahead of the annual review. When events occur that require more immediate action (e.g. birth, marriage, divorce and death) it is so much better to have your accountant and investment adviser working closely together to ensure you get the best, timely advice.

For all these reasons, we set up a Wealth Management arm, DBA Wealth Management, in 2008. It has been a huge success and is highly valued by busy clients, who appreciate the benefit of the “one-stop shop” approach to financial advice.

Financial Services Authority registration

DBA Wealth Management are appointed representatives of Fensham Howes Limited, a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Fensham Howes Limited’s FCA registration number is: 451166

For Wealth Management Services call us on 0113 244 9811 or email us via the contacts page.


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Registered Office: Canalside Buildings, Graingers Way, Roundhouse Business Park, Leeds, LS12 1AH