Financial Planning & Investment Advice

We do not believe that investing should be a complex and mysterious process. Nor do we believe that investing should be undertaken in isolation, viewed as an end in and of itself. We do believe that investing has a vitally important role to play as part of an integrated and structured plan to meet your life goals.

In our experience, the best long term investment results are achieved when you have a simple, clear, organised and commonsense understanding of:

  • your current financial position;
  • the long term objectives you want to accomplish;
  • the level of risk that you are willing to accept in order to achieve your objectives; and
  • how and why the structure of your investment portfolio supports the achievement of your long term goals, within the accepted level of risk.

To summarise, we believe that best long term investment results are achieved when you clearly understand what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

Encouragingly, over the last 50 years a large body of sophisticated investment research and practice known as Modern Portfolio Theory has given us a number of practical and tested concepts that can now be efficiently adopted by all investors. As part of these advances, Modern Portfolio Theory and its applications have confirmed that the most robust and intelligent investment strategy is often simple to explain and easy to understand.

Within this context, the service we offer has two core components:

  • Strategic financial planning; and
  • Investment advice and monitoring

Our strategic financial planning process helps you to assess your current situation and to confirm your long term goals. We then define and recommend specific action steps required in order to achieve them. The development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of prudent and effective long term investment plans are usually part of this process.