VAT and payroll

VAT and payroll are subject to an unbelievable level of minor regulation that taken collectively can add significantly to the amount of tax paid each year. It will certainly require you to spend more time each week trying to get to grips with understanding how it all applies to you and the scope for getting it wrong is enormous!

Alternatively, you could let us take the strain. We offer competitive out-sourcing services that will relieve you of much of the worry about preparing the necessary transactional records and making those annual and monthly returns.

HM Revenue & Customs compliance visits are becoming more frequent and your business innocently fails to comply with what you should be doing, then you may face back-duty assessments you may have difficulty in paying. We work with you to ensure you minimise the risk of you doing something you shouldn’t be, or just as importantly not doing something you should be.

For advice on VAT and payroll tax call us on 0113 244 9811 or email us via the contacts page.

DBA Team